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Fall 2015 NW Snowsports Instructor


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PSIA-NW Mission Statement

Provide high quality educational resources and well defined standards to aid our members in improving their teaching skills to better satisfy the needs and expectations of their customer in the enjoyment of snowsports.

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Timberline snow field....... ...

Timberline skycam shows a "melting away" Palmer Snowfield on Mt. Hood. The brown crumbling patch on the bottom left of the photo has been Timberline's ability to have summer skiing. Makes you wonder about the future.

3 weeks ago

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John Nelson, Sharla Lynn and 2 others like this

Brandy Powell MurphyThe snowfield is still there, it's just reeeeeeally dirty.3 weeks ago   ·  1

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With Interski going on these throwbacks seem pretty timely. Who was at the National Ski Congress 1976.

4 weeks ago

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Judy Eachon Thompson, PSIA-AASI and 2 others like this

Jim Wellss there and had the pin until a snow snake bit me a few years ago.4 weeks ago   ·  1
Rob CrostonI wasn't but I did come across the pin in a second hand store 😎4 weeks ago   ·  1
Dave LucasMoi!4 weeks ago   ·  2

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